Palipalooza 2017 starring Shadia Mansour

Palestine in America is hosting its second annual Palipalooza event at Logan Square Auditorium on August 10. Palestinian artist Shadia Mansour will be the headliner of this concert event.

Palipalooza will showcase Palestinian artists and culture in the United States, and celebrate the release of PiA’s annual print magazine.

“We’re excited about bringing Shadia Mansour to Chicago for Palipalooza, said PiA’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief Nader Ihmoud. “We’re also excited to have local Palestinian artists as opening acts for the concert.”

Palipalooza will also feature local artists like Palestinian rapper Safi G and Palestinian poet Yara Daoud.

Tickets are on sale for $30 online. PiA is also selling discounted tickets at Palestine events, announcements can be found on PiA’s Facebook and event pages.

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