SJP Midwest chapters stand in solidarity with Mizzou

The following statement was written by  the SJP Midwest Network:

Following the latest manifestation of anti-Black sentiment, and in response to the oppression of and threats against Black students on the University of Missouri campus and in the community, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Midwest Network stands in solidarity with the #ConcernedStudent1950 activists and the threatened students of color on campus.

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We, 26 SJP university chapters across the midwest, stand in support of those who are struggling against racism and discrimination on any college campus. We will not stay silent while our fellow Black students are continually targeted, harassed and silenced for fighting for their right to live peacefully on their college campuses. The demonization of Black bodies governing racial discrimination must not be tolerated in educational institutions.

SJP Midwest also calls on white allies to stand up to their peers who threaten the safety of Black students on their respective campuses to uplift their own voices and demands. We call for decisive action from the university to ensure the safety of all Black students and to hold accountable those threatening their safety through racist and malicious threats. We stand against harassment and threats towards students of color, and will hold those who engage in such behavior accountable.

In Power and Solidarity,

CJP Ohio State University

SFP Oberlin College

SJP Adler University

SJP Columbia College Chicago

SJP DePaul University

SJP Drake University

SJP IUPUI – Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

SJP Lawrence University

SJP Lewis University

SJP Loyola University Chicago

SJP Marquette University

SJP Michigan State University

SJP Northwestern University

SJP Purdue University

SJP Saint Xavier University

SJP University of Chicago

SJP University of Cincinnati

SJP University of Dayton

SJP University of Illinois in Chicago

SJP University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

SJP University of Louisville

SJP University of Michigan

SJP University of Minnesota

SJP University of Toledo

SJP University of Wisconsin-Madison

SJP Wayne State University

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